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POPI is the  Protection of Personal Information Act, often called the POPI Act.  POPI has strict regulations regarding the protection of personal information , and every company, regardless of size, type or industry must comply with these regulations.  Offenses are punishable, and depending on the nature of the offense, businesses as well as individuals offenders can be fined up to R10 million and can even be jailed.

Each business has 12 months (from 1 July 2020) to fully comply with this Act.  This means that ALL Businesses must be POPI compliant by 30 June 2021! 

So, the clock has start ticking from the 1 July 2020 and YOU!!, YES YOU, as a business owner, are personally liable to ensure lawful processing of the Personal Information (PI) your business collects from clients and stores in your systems.

When thinking about POPI, you can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why should I comply?
  • What is required to comply?
  • How do I comply?
  • Does my business comply?

Kickstart your journey to POPI Compliance today


FAIS Forward Academy has partnered with ITS Support in order to provide you with much needed POPI Act awareness and implementation training.

We are pleased to announce that we now offer the following POPI TO PRACTICE training courses.  These courses are also well suited for employee orientation and awareness purposes.

Basic introduction to the POPI Act.


If you need to dig deeper into the actual Conditions for compliance to the Act, the following course is available. This course is also well suited for the custodians of compliance such as the IT, HR or Compliance Managers.


If you would like to take the next steps on the journey to compliance, the POPI to PRACTICE course will assist you in this journey.

The purpose of this course is to guide you through the 10 actionable steps you need to take on your journey to compliance.  A variety of practical compliance tools are included in the course such as checklists, templates, policy guidelines, forms and industry examples.

This course is well suited for individual business owners, compliance officers or anyone appointed to implement compliance to the conditions of the Act.


You can purchase a Bonus bundle option which provides access to all the above- mentioned courses at a 25% discounted price:

Further good news is that when you use our limited Coupon Code offer you can get a 2% discount on all prices listed. Just capture the code FAISPOPI in the Coupon section when purchasing any of the courses including the Bundle option

ITS Support - Training Background

ITS Support is a passionate Information Management and Governance consultancy. ITS Support offers over 25 years of experience delivering high standard Information Management and Governance Solutions.

At the heart of compliance to the POPI Act is the implementation of relevant technical and operational measures to ensure the lawful processing of Personal Information (PI).

These required measures have always been the foundation of Information Management and Governance best practices and are key to ITS Support service offering.

We are excited to collaborate with ITS Support and to provide you with practical tools to unlock compliance to the POPI Act.  If you need further information regarding the implementation of POPI in your business, contact Anna-San Wiese on 083 212 1215 or aswiese@itssupport.co.za.

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