We follow a blended learning approach, which combines elements of online learning with traditional face-to-face learning. The NCA and the RE5 and RE1 training can be done online, but the exam is an invigilated, paper-based exam. The NCA exam is included in the training, but the RE5 and RE1 are external exams.

The Retail and Short-term Insurance Qualifications are distance learning programmes, but to assist learners with their studies, we have face-to-face contact sessions at our training venue, in Allensnek, Roodepoort. If you cannot attend these sessions, we will replace it with a Skype session.

We make provision for clients who cannot pay for all the courses upfront, by working out a structured payment plan. If you choose to make use of the structured payment plan, you can pay for your studies over a period of nine to twelve months, depending on your situation. The structured payment plan can be discussed with us (011 048 8566)

If you do the Retail or Short-Term Insurance Qualification, and you haven’t passed Afrikaans, English or Maths in grade 12, you have to complete these subjects as part for the qualification. If you passed it in grade 12, you can apply for exemption when you do the qualification.

No problem, you can do it as part of the Retail Insurance Qualification.

Yes, absolutely. If you do the Retail Insurance Qualification, and you haven’t passed Afrikaans, English or Maths in grade 12, you have to complete these subjects as part for the qualification. But you will not be able to work as an F&I before you complete the qualification.

You can send us your certificate for the credits that you have done, and we will do a mapping for you to see which credits are outstanding.

RE5 is the Regulatory Examination for Representatives, and RE1 is the Regulatory Examination for Key Individuals.

The training for F&I’s includes the National Credit Act, the Regulatory Exam and an FSB approved qualification. We offer all this training. We will send you an information brochure which explains the process.

The NCA exam, as well as all the exams for the Retail Insurance Qualification is included, but the Regulatory exams (RE5 and RE1) are external exams. Delegates must book for the exam at one of the FSB approved examination bodies, namely Moonstone or the FPI. The fee for the exam is currently R1226-00.

We do not regularly do trainings in Eastern Cape, but you can make use of our online training or distance learning programme. The exams for the NCA and the Retail Insurance Qualification can be arranged in your area, and the Regulatory Examination Bodies have regular exams in all areas countrywide.

We offer all the necessary training to become an F&I. To be fully qualified as F&I, you also need specific experience. This you will get when you start working in the industry.

There are no requirements to do the training in a specific order, however, we do advise that you do the NCA first as it is the shortest and easiest part of the requirements. (Half-day workshop with exam in the afternoon.)

You can start at any time. We work out a schedule according to your needs.

This is a guideline. We can adapt it according to your needs.

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