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US 14991/120128 Apply the law of contract to insurance (2 credits), US 120017 Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of aspects of the regulatory framework relating to consumer credit agreements in Retail Insurance in South Africa (2 credits), US 14506/242593 Explain the Finance Intelligence Centre Act, Act 38 of 2001 (3 credits), US 12164/242584 Demonstrate knowledge and insight of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act 37 of 2002 (2 credits), US 117129 Apply the regulations for disclosure that are required as part of the financial sales process (2 credits), US 14979/120127 Describe issues of compliance or non-activity that could result in civil or criminal liability in terms of business law (2 credits), US 13940/242655 Demonstrate knowledge and application of ethical conduct in a business environment (4 credits), US 120019 Analyse new developments reported in the media that could impact on Short-Term insurance (10 credits), US 120027 Apply financial knowledge and skill to compile a finance agreement (2 credits)

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